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Junior driver - under 16 years old
Class Frequency 1* Frequency 2* Frequency 3* Transponder Car details
*leave frequencies blank if using 2.4GHz
- I hereby agree to abide by the rules of the event and indemnify the Host Club against any loss or damage arising from participation in this event.

2WD Stock

Name Club Transponder No. Car details
Chris Primmer (p) Maitland8370300AE B6.1D ACE
Ben Cribbin (p) Castle Hill9284447
Chris Lander (p) Ryde123456
Nick saxton (p) Maitland2729629Xray
Chris Milton (p) Castle Hill2847142YZ-2
Jack Grey (p) (J)St Ives4485322XB2 - Hobbywing - Proline - KO Propo
David Matthews (p) Southern Highlands1384046RC10B6.1D
Aden young (p) (J)Maitland2179725X-RAY XB2 , HEI , PROLINE, MUCHMORE BLR DESIGNS
Marc brunker (p) Ryde97141510B5m
Trent Johnson (p) Ryde8215471B6.1D
Michael Fretin (p) Castle Hill1600411Xb2
Ron Curby (p) Castle Hill6823864Xb2
Robert Uljan (p) Ryde7413675
Alex Tyson (p) Castle Hill9250015Schumacher KC
Payden Budden (p) Maitland3305598
Scott Hogan (p) Southern Highlands4189043Schumacher KD
Michael Wilks (p) Castle Hill1522406TLR 22 4.0 SR
Greg Hennessy (p) Maitland7540920TLR22 4.0
Rob Smith (p) Castle Hill7680577
Troy Mckinlay (p) Ryde3350040B6D
Andrew Thompson (p) St Ives3496810X Factory
Brian Goby (p) Castle Hill9775534
Rick Prior (p) Castle Hill4978832Associated B6D
Steve Cronin (p) Ryde8577716XB2
Adam John (p) Castle Hill5265379XB2
Rob Nicol (p) Castle Hill7058004B5M Lite
Peter Hickey (p) Maitland7222697
Drew Carnell (p) Maitland6671657TLR 22 4.0 / LRP / KO
Scotty Elliott (p) SMA6807844BD6
Grahame garaty (p) Maitland0
Ben Howard (p) Keilor 9714430B6, Team Zombie, SpeedyRC
David Couper (p) Castle Hill9613081
Greg Bakla (p) St Ives3602840Xray XB2 PROLINE

2WD Junior Stock

Name Club Transponder No. Car details
Ben Hogan (p) (J)Southern Highlands9394322Schumacher
Jason Prior (p) (J)Castle Hill9229311Associated B5M
Cameron Couper (p) (J)Castle Hill5560483AE B6D
Isaac Matthews (p) (J)Southern Highlands6029373RC10B5M
Kyan Smith (p) (J)Castle Hill3558740b5m
Riley Lander (p) (J)Ryde09688508
Dominic Pitt (p) (J)Maitland7551919AE B5M
Jethro Budden (p) (J)Maitland5319121
Oscar Sherry (p) (J)Ryde6180507B6D

2WD Modified

Name Club Transponder No. Car details
Lachlan Donnelly (p) (J)Castle Hill8268123Team Associated - Hobbywing - ProLine
David Warner (p) Castle Hill5651172Proline XB2
Matthew Couper (p) (J)Castle Hill4582092AE B6.1D
Matt Kellett (p) Castle Hill1234567AE Reedy JC
Chris wilson (p) Ryde1384848PROLINE
Bradd vercoe (p) Castle Hill7593468Ae b6. 1
Sam Saad (p) Ryde5304125AE B6D
Grant Robinson (p) Ryde2643867
Brett Drayton (p) Castle Hill9246872Serpent SRX2-MH
Anthony Tan (p) Ryde2928532XRAY
Michael Toms (p) St Ives0
Tom Harden (p) Ryde3599884YZ2
Jeffrey Pitt (p) Maitland8818836AE B6D
Chris Jordan (p) Ryde5120711Xb2::ProLine::HEI
Stephen Toomer (p) Ryde1515037B6.1D, Zombie
Lhor Chaichanachimplee (p) Ryde9421199AE B6.1D

4WD Stock

Name Club Transponder No. Car details
Chris Lander (p) Ryde4522521
Chris Primmer (p) Maitland7066969AE B64CR ACE
Nick saxton (p) Maitland5400591Xray
Jack Grey (p) (J)St Ives9998164XB4 - Hobbywing - Proline - KO Propo
Aden young (p) (J)Maitland7338765X-RAY XB4 HEI PROLINE MUCHMORE BLRDESIGNS
David Matthews (p) Southern Highlands8107758RC10B64D
Ben Cribbin (p) Castle Hill6139474
Ron Curby (p) Castle Hill4308054Xb4
Trent Johnson (p) Ryde2738978B64D
Greg Hennessy (p) Maitland4133723EB410
Marc brunker (p) Ryde0B64d5
Troy Mckinlay (p) Ryde9772655B64D
Peter Hickey (p) Maitland6687700
Robert Uljan (p) Ryde1820988
Rob Smith (p) Castle Hill5654101
Brian Goby (p) Castle Hill8367615
Drew Carnell (p) Maitland6649215TLR 22-4 2.0 / LRP / KO
Scotty Elliott (p) SMA4558316XB4
Greg Bakla (p) St Ives4844981XrayXB4 PROLINE
Steve Cronin (p) Ryde8132825XB4
Adam John (p) Castle Hill2471087XB4
Ben Howard (p) Keilor 2152870Cat K2, Team Zombie, SpeedyRC
David Couper (p) Castle Hill6295101
Michael Wilks (p) Castle Hill2248122TLR 22-4 2.0
Matthew boole (p) Maitland0X-ray xb4

4WD Modified

Name Club Transponder No. Car details
Lachlan Donnelly (p) (J)Castle Hill5965179Team Associated - Hobbywing - ProLine
Matthew Couper (p) (J)Castle Hill5938985AE B64D
David Warner (p) Castle Hill7742879Proline XB4
Chris wilson (p) Ryde8526485PROLINE
Grant Robinson (p) Ryde5677954
Lhor Chaichanachimplee (p) Ryde7222919AE B64
Matt Kellett (p) Castle Hill1234567Associated B64 Reedy JC
Sam Saad (p) Ryde5654982AE B64D
Tom Matley (p) Castle Hill6222870Xray Proline
Anthony Tan (p) Ryde4615466XRAY
Chris Jordan (p) Ryde4865077Xb4::ProLine::HEI
Michael Toms (p) St Ives0
Luca (p) Southern Highlands4207838Schumacher Cat L1 , Campbelltown Hobbies
Jeffrey Pitt (p) Maitland8749526AE B64D
Tom Harden (p) Ryde9548831YZ4
Jarod Ment (p) (J)St Ives6734153TLR 22-4 2.0

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